Varnishing advice

Studies in colour

Our vast experience and know-how combined with the creativity of our specialist staff can provide the added advantage of developing new production methods and tailor-made solutions capable of solving varnishing and colouring problems.

We help our customers to make the right choices of colour combination, materials and decorative effects. Our Top Color experts open up new creative horizons in product aesthetics to meet the most challenging demands of style and function.

Colour creation is a process born of customer need that takes practical shape by working on tonality, luminosity and saturation (opacity), assessing the need for additional elements. One of the most common requests is to give one material the look of another: such as making ordinary sheet metal look like brass, glass look like marble or give plastic the look of wood.

Our consultancy service works independently of the practical application process, enabling us to provide studies in colour as a stand-alone service.