Colouring and varnishing

Colouring, varnishing and finishing

What makes Top Color Italia’s processes special is our superb expertise in hand-made decorationAs well as working for the eyewear industry, we decorate jewellery, clocks and watches, accessories, stationery, tiles and many others.

Metal, glass, plastic or other materials, we at Top Color Italia are capable of giving even the smallest and most complex detail the desired look, be it a gloss, opaque, metallic or other finish. Our services also include updating or upgrading particular product lines.


Spectacle frames and sunglasses

Top Color Italia started off life as specialists in the eyewear sector. We offer a complete service. When a piece of unfinished eyewear enters our workshop it emerges ready-to wear.

According to the design, the item can be spray varnished, coloured using masking, cleaned and it may undergo other processes. Thanks to the experience of our technical experts, syringing can be used to deposit enamelled colouring, a prime example of the excellence of our services.

We work on spectacle frames in acetate and all types of metal including titanium. The surface decoration obtained is resistant to shock, abrasion and light, is unaffected by heat and perfectly bonded.